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Ghost Tour of London

Believers and skeptics are welcome to join this frightening Ghost Tour of London as your world-renowned author and guide leads you on a walking tour around some of London’s most haunted sites.

After meeting your guide who will be suitably attired in his 19th-century undertaker’s garb outside London’s most haunted underground station, you will set off into a sinister alley where legend holds, the unwary may feel the touch of the Devil’s breath on the back of their necks.

The Ghost Tour of London will take you through the alleyways and passageways of the City of London to seek out the many places where ghosts are known to lurk including locations familiar to Charles Dickens and the people who once lived in this densely populated part of London.

Learn about some of the most recent hauntings at the locations you visit and look for evidence of the paranormal as you wind your way through the City’s most haunted hotspots.

This walk is packed full of locations where residents from ‘the other side’ appear to cross over and make their presence known to participants on the Ghost Tour of London. Will you be one of them?

You’ll also head into a silent churchyard where a deeply sinister and ghostly story will be regaled to you. One thing though is for sure, you’ll be clenching your own teeth as the suspense-laden narrative is played out before you.

Delving deeper into the warren of narrow alleyways that wind their way behind and between the old City buildings, you will make your way to a truly creepy alleyway where things have been known to happen on the ghost walk.

The tour ends in a creepy churchyard, at the centre of which lies a solitary tomb around which a bizarre tradition has evolved. After this tour will you be able to sleep as well? make sure you combine this tour with the frightening Jack the Ripper Tour.

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