Virtual Houses of Parliament Tour

Not many people realised that people can visit the Houses of Parliament here in London. The Houses of Parliament are located inside the Palace of Westminster and are open to the public at various times and prices throughout the year when Parliament recesses.

However did you know that you could visit the Houses of Parliament virtually anytime, anywhere now? The Houses of Parliament can now be explored by anyone at anytime thanks to Google increasing its world famous street view coverage to show inside buildings and businesses.

There are a number of virtual tours of the building including the Central Lobby, Westminster Hall, the Prince’s Chamber, St Stephen’s Hall, House of Lords Chamber, the Members’ Corridor and Lobby and the Peers’ Lobby and Corridor.

The 360-degree virtual tour of the Commons can be found here.


Houses of Parliament virtual tour

It is quite interesting as the exclamation marks dotted around the 360-degree virtual tour points out what room your in and what names art and features of the rooms. Some of these you can click on and reveal some interesting facts about these sections.

Houses of Parliament Facts

  • The Palace of Westminster was originally built as a royal palace in the 1000’s.  Over the years it has been home to a number of monarchs until the time of Henry VIII.  In 1547 Henry’s son left the building to Parliament as a permanent place to meet and work.  Ever since then Parliament have always met in the building.
  • A tragic fire in 1834 destroyed the majority of the original building.
  • In 1945 Sir Giles Gillbert Scott the House of Commons chamber was rebuilt after it was destroyed during the London Blitz. Westminster Bridge, leading to the Houses of Parliament is painted the same green.
  • The oldest part of the building is Westminster Hall which was built from 1097 – 1099 by King William II.
  • The Queen addresses Parliament once a year, however she or any other member of the  Royal Family is allowed into the House of Commons.




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