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The Greatest of Them All – Winston Churchill

Over the past three years since Brexit, most people of Britain are shocked, disgusted and embarrassed by the complete lack of competence by our politicians.  As we await the likelihood of another general election here in Britain, I decided to look back on one of the greatest Prime Ministers of all time, Winston Churchill. Sir…

Why it’s a Great Time to Visit the UK

There has never been a better time to visit London or the UK in general. Tourism has seen an increase and this is mainly down to the pound dropping since the country voted to leave the EU in 2016. People are now getting more pounds for their money and spending is going up.  According to…

Our Top 10 ‘Typically British’ Traditions

British people are known for their tradtions and we are quite proud of them.  Here at TTUK we have been discussing our top 10 favourite British traditions which we can all relate too.  So below I have put together our top 10 typically British tradtions that we are all guilty of.  1. Having a Sunday…

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Types Of Tours Available In The UK

Taking a tour is a great way to spend a day, a week, or just a couple of hours and learn in depth about things that are of interest to you or things that you have never thought about but would be keen to see and/or do. When you take a tour you have an…

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Mind the Gap on our London Underground Tour

The London underground is taken for granted by Londoners, for them it’s a way of life and has always been there. It’s very crowded, expensive and unloved by most Londoners.  But where would London be today without it? The underground or Tube as it was nicknamed in 1890 was the very first underground railway in…

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Virtual Houses of Parliament Tour

Not many people realised that people can visit the Houses of Parliament here in London. The Houses of Parliament are located inside the Palace of Westminster and are open to the public at various times and prices throughout the year when Parliament recesses. However did you know that you could visit the Houses of Parliament virtually…


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