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Dickens London Walking Tour

Dickens London Walking Tour

Welcome to Dickensian London! Join our Dickens London Walking Tour and step into the London that Charles Dickens would have known. Dickens suffered from insomnia and spent many sleepless nights walking the streets of London, collecting locations and inspiration to include in his novels. On this walking tour, we will follow in his footsteps and explore some of the buildings and streets that feature in Dicken’s novels and still exist today.

The Dickens London Walking Tour starts from Borough tube station, right by a prison that Dicken’s would have known well and features in his writings. As we continue towards the river we will pass the locations of coaching inns that feature in The Pickwick Papers.

The tour takes in a number of famous London landmarks and you’ll be able to see ‘the great black dome of Saint Paul’s bulging at you from behind a grim stone building.’

During the tour you will see a pub that acts as a gathering place for Dicken’s fans, especially for Pickwickians! You will hear about a very tall tourist attraction where ‘They don’t know what a many step there is!’

Your guide will reveal significant moments in Dickens’ life to you and explain how these have weaved their way into his books. You will find out about real life people and the fictional characters that they inspired.

Throughout the tour, there will be several opportunities to stop and take photos while your expert guide shares extracts from Dicken’s writings and points out how they have changed or survived from Victorian London to the modern day.

The Dickens London Walking Tour highlights several of London’s iconic sites. You will learn trivia about Charles Dickens and hear facts about the locations visited, both modern and Dickensian. Many of Dicken’s books are mentioned during the tour including Little Dorrit, Oliver Twist, The Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, A Christmas Carol and more.

The tour finishes at London Bridge Station.

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