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Serial Killers: The Blood & Tears London Walk

‘Serial Killers: The Blood & Tears Walk’ is long-running, rave-reviewed, and has massive ‘word of mouth’.

Your friendly & passionate Guide, Declan McHugh, wrote the best-seller ‘Bloody London‘, and has researched Serial Killers for over 30 years.

This true crime Tour‘s unique selling point is that Declan doesn‘t just deal with Jack the Ripper, he includes TEN other serial killers including Dennis Nilsen, Peter Sutcliffe, etc. Some are well-known, others less so. Two are uncaught.

For all its glories, like any city, London has a dark side. You’ll see parts of the city you wouldn’t normally visit, as you trace the footsteps of this unsavoury collection of London and other serial killers.

You’ll hear grim stories of hideous and heart-breaking crimes, do insightful interactive profiling exercises, and hear about solved and unsolved murders. All the while the alleys will just get darker and creepier…

Apart from the words, Declan incorporates historical photographs throughout the two-hour Tour, helping bring grim history alive.

A top Tour needs information AND entertainment. As a former actor, Declan knows how to entertain. He’s a spell-binding cinematic storyteller, who knows how to build tension.

You must be at least 12 to attend this horror Tour – the material is shocking and chilling, right from the start.

You may arrive with morbid curiosity, but you’ll leave the Tour sadder and wiser, knowing far more about Serial Killers than when you came.

A promise and a warning: you won’t easily forget this immersive experience.

Finally, it’s important to state that this Tour does NOT glorify or wallow in the crimes of Serial Killers. The Tour is victim-centred.

Serial Killers: The Blood & Tears London Walk
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